HabbzHotel Forum Demolish

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HabbzHotel Forum Demolish

Post  Admin on Sun Sep 07, 2008 5:36 am

Done atlast!!!
Well didnt take an hour, I havent put any much good things
about HabbzHotel, cuz its like kinda my first time making a
forum, and bliv me its well hard finding where you supposed
to edit your files and catagories.

You dont know maybe this Forum become better and better
like what happen to HabbzHotel.

HabbzHotel use to be not Holo Cms, I was playing this since it wasnt CMS,
and its still good working on stuff like Competitions.
They were working hard just to make HabbzHotel better and most views.
Some of them quit and some of them left, But some are still there to watch
and help the hotel, The Hours are too fast.

Please always support the hotel and always come and invite for it.

I know this doesnt got to do with Habbzhotel Forum Demolish but Im bored.


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